Wednesday, May 28, 2008

It's About Love.

free download

click on the banner for more info. lazy to explain. watch and listen to this song.

i think it's a great effort for making this song. read the FAQ. interesting.

the Malaysian Artistes For Unity did a great job. well, at least now we know there ARE people out there who cared for Malaysian, not only for their own race, but Malaysian.

we are all the same race after all. we are Malaysian. =)

both the recording and the video would be given away for free. a gift to the nation. from those who love Malaysia to those who feel the same.

it's a good song! what are you guys waiting for? download and play the song all day! in the car, at office, at hoe... everywhere you go. it's FREE. and we Malaysian LOVE free stuffs. *winkz*

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